In 1988, UPS Airlines started up. I was hired as a 727 Captain with a really great seniority number. Number 40 out of 700 pilots.
In the next 21 years I flew the 727, 757, 767 and after age 60, Engineered on the B -747.
I transitioned to the DC-8 after the 74's were mothballed, but retired right after finishing training. At that time my seniority number was 14 out of 3000. 
In all, I have "stick time" or crew experience in  approximately 50 different aircraft.



I have been around airplanes most of my life. My Dad was a pilot before, during and after WWII. 

I built and competed in model airplane meets in High School and College. If fact I won 12 hours of flight instruction at the Cleveland Junior Air Races in 1957 which started my career in aviation.

My initial instruction and solo was in Cessna 120's  and 140's at Hopkins Airport, with no radio. Try that these days and you will end up behind bars at Guantanamo Bay. (already been there, thank you)
((Guantanamo, not behind bars))
In college I picked up a couple more hours in a Taylor Craft. 

The Air Force didn't want me to be a pilot so I spent my time there as a C-130 Navigator.  I managed to travel to about 50 different countries, islands or territories around the world. Europe, Asia, South America and all over the Pacific from Australia to Adak, from Thailand to Turkey.

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I did  start flying again in Aeronca Champs and Cessna 150's during my last two years of active duty. I received my Private, Commercial, Instrument and Instrument Instructor ratings before leaving for civilian life.

I moved to California, where I recieved  my Multi Engine rating in a Twin Bonanza and started on the ground floor as a flight instructor.

I taught acrobatics in  Citabrias and Cessna Aerobats, and instructed in  a number of light planes from Piper's, to Cessna's, Beeche's, Mooney's  and even an Italian Waco.

I flew charter out of Sacramento for a Piper Dealer and ended up in Santa Rosa with a new Commuter Airline called STOL AIR. Here I flew Britton Norman Islanders and a Tri Islander as well as an Aero Commander 580 plus some assorted single engine craft.

During this time I got my ATP in a DC-3 and a type rating in Ronald Reagan's former State of California, Citation.

After six years I became associated as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer with a very small, local freight outfit, operating a Navajo and Piper Lance. We flew Emery freight from San Francisco to Reno and Fresno.

A couple of years later  I joined IASCO flying for Emery and Purolator from SFO to Denver and Pueblo, Colorado.

Here is where I got my first real jet experience and a type rating in the Falcon 20.

In 1983 I joined Evergreen International and Captained Falcon 20's and then the B-727.