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2022 in Review

We flew to Mazatlan on New Years day for two weeks of "tennis camp". The club pro at El Cid Resorts is a wonderful coach. We did a one hour lesson 13 out of our 14 days there. Our routine was pretty simple, light breakfast, tennis, shower, full breakfast, kick back and figure out a place for dinner. 

Muriel's mom still here and reached  100 years .

Muriel went to Ecuador for three weeks in June for a cultural and Spanish language immersion adventure. She was just in time for the government protests and managed to contact Covid. All ended well and she has plenty to write about for her memoir class.

The last week of October put us back in Mazatlan with a weekend in San Diego at the tail end to visit son Jon and his family.

Future plans have us with the whole family at Tahoe for a couple of days in the snow just before New Years.

In March we leave for Barbados for a week on Star Clippers "Royal Clipper" for a sail through the Grenadines immediately followed by two weeks in Mazatlan, finishing up with a week touring with the Copper Canyon Railroad and surrounding area and a few days in San Diego on the way home. In August we are scheduled for another train excursion, this time through the Canadian Rockys. 

At some point during the summer we may be back in Ohio, it's the 100 year anniversary for Mahalls 20 Lanes. 

 The Alpine is  finished and about to be auctioned off on Bring a Trailer.com see latest photos on "cars" page.